LBJ Express Project

A New and Improved LBJ

The LBJ Express features many reconstructed general highway lanes, expanded continuous frontage roads on I-635 and TEXpress Lanes which run in the middle of the corridor and on the outside of I-35E.

A Tollway Added to an Existing Freeway

The LBJ Express includes 13.3 miles of tolled LBJ TEXpress Lanes on I-635 and I-35E to increase the capacity of the highway, reduce traffic congestion and give drivers more control over their daily commutes.

Demand-Based Pricing for Smooth Driving

Fluctuating pricing is based on real-time traffic conditions to keep the LBJ Express project’s TEXpress Lanes moving at least 50 mph, even during rush hour. As demand for the LBJ TEXpress Lanes drops, so does the price.

Drivers Choose How to Travel

Drive free on the improved general highway lanes or pay for a faster, more reliable commute with no stop-and-go driving at 75 mph on the LBJ TEXpress Lanes. The choice is yours.

Using the LBJ TEXpress Lanes is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Use the TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG you already own or pay by mail.
  2. View the current toll rates displayed on signs before each of 3 tolling segments to help you decide your travel plan.
  3. Hop on the dedicated entry and exit ramps to safely access or leave each LBJ TEXpress Lanes segment.

Over and Under

Drivers on I-635 can use the LBJ TEXpress Lanes to zip all the way from Luna Road to Greenville Avenue or from I-635 south to the I-35E/Loop 12 split or north up to Valley View Lane. Portions of the LBJ TEXpress Lanes flow through a canyon underneath the I-635 general highway lanes while elevated ramps run on the outside of I-35E. 

  • An Improved LBJ
  • A Tollway Within a Freeway
  • TEXpress Lanes Pricing
  • Choose How to Travel
  • As Easy as 1-2-3
  • An Engineering Feat
LBJ Express Project Overview

Described by state transportation leaders as the most comprehensive and complex project of its type in the country, the 13.3-mile LBJ Express project encompasses improvements along I-635/LBJ Freeway and I-35E/Stemmons Freeway.

The LBJ Express project features some of the most innovative congestion-management solutions in the country. By employing new tolled TEXpress Lanes we offer drivers a choice in their daily commutes. And by introducing variable fluctuating pricing based on traffic demand, the LBJ Express enables drivers to maintain a more predictable rate of speed. The idea is CHOICE! You have safer, reconstructed general highway lanes, fully-optimized frontage roads, and new and reliable TEXpress Lanes that offer you a convenient trip from one end of the project to the other.

On I-635, there are continuous frontage roads, general highway lanes (four in each direction) and new tolled TEXpress Lanes (up to three per direction) from Luna Road to Greenville Avenue. In addition, enhancements made to I-35E allows you to bypass the I-35E/I-635 interchange and travel from I-635 south to the I-35E/Loop 12 split and north to just before Valley View Lane on a total of four elevated TEXpress Lanes (two in each direction). 

Be sure to visit our maps section for helpful illustrations of our entrance and exit ramps, get average toll rates for each tolling segment open under 'Pricing,' and check out the 'How to Use TEXpress Lanes' video.

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