More Lanes. More Choice.

Spend More Time Living, Less Time Driving

Your cross-town commute just got a whole lot faster. Now you can zoom from Luna Road to Greenville Avenue at 75 mph. Extra bonus: The new LBJ TEXpress Lanes canyon is pretty cool!

A New Kind of Roadway

Keeping North Texas Moving

Imagine driving 50 mph or faster without any stop-and-go driving or rush-hour gridlock.

Real-Time Variable Pricing

Based on Traffic Demand

LBJ TEXpress Lanes use fluctuating congestion-management pricing to keep traffic moving at least 50 mph.

HOV and Carpool Discounts

Enjoy Weekday Discounts

Register online to get a 50% discount each time you use the LBJ TEXpress Lanes for your rush-hour commutes. How? Create a Drive On TEXpress account, then activate your HOV status to claim your discounts.

Save $5 on a TollTag

What a Great Deal!

Get a $5 toll credit when you open a new $20 or $40 TollTag account at the LBJ Express office. 

Scoot Your Commute

Get a Treat During Your Evening Commute!

Use the LBJ TEXpress Lanes between 7 and 8 p.m. during October and enjoy a 75% discount on your tolls. 

  • More Lanes
  • A New Kind of Roadway
  • Pricing
  • HOV Discounts
  • Get a $5 Toll Credit
  • October Promotional Discount
Using TEXpress Lanes Video
Using TEXpress Lanes Video image
Drive On TEXpress Discounts