More Lanes. More Choice.

Spend More Time Living, Less Time Driving

Your cross-town commute just got a whole lot faster. Now you can zoom from Luna Road to Greenville Avenue at 75 mph. Extra bonus: The new LBJ TEXpress Lanes canyon is pretty cool!

It's About Dime

Merrier Commutes This Holiday Season

Our gift to you! Choose your December day and 10 cents is all you'll pay to use the LBJ TEXpress Lanes.

A New Kind of Roadway

Keeping North Texas Moving

Imagine driving 50 mph or faster without any stop-and-go driving or rush-hour gridlock.

Real-Time Variable Pricing

Based on Traffic Demand

LBJ TEXpress Lanes use fluctuating congestion-management pricing to keep traffic moving at least 50 mph.

HOV and Carpool Discounts

Enjoy Weekday Discounts

Register online to get a 50% discount each time you use the LBJ TEXpress Lanes for your rush-hour commutes. How? Create a Drive On TEXpress account, then activate your HOV status to claim your discounts.

Save $5 on a TollTag

What a Great Deal!

Get a $5 toll credit when you open a new $20 or $40 TollTag account at the LBJ Express office. 

  • More Lanes
  • December Toll Discount
  • A New Kind of Roadway
  • Pricing
  • HOV Discounts
  • Get a $5 Toll Credit
Using TEXpress Lanes Video
Using TEXpress Lanes Video image
Drive On TEXpress Discounts